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Photography by Fast started because we have a common interest in creating art and discovering the unique and unusual through a lens. The satisfaction and enjoyment of the final product is rewarding no matter how long it takes to get the perfect shot. Our end goal is to turn the ordinary into something unique. The photos on this site are collective of all and not as individuals.

David Fast
David has had an interest in photography since he was 8 years old. His first camera that was a Kodak Hawkeye until the purchase of a Kodak 110 moved him into the world of color. Eventually he graduated to a Minolta XG7 35mm that was used to experiment with light and long and double exposure style pictures. Now that he has migrated to digital he has found a whole new world to capture. David still has a strong interest in light and shadow as well as long exposure shooting, but most of his pictures focus on nature and people. Natures simple beauty and the complexity people posses is a perfect subject to pursue.

Kathy Fast
Kathy is the social media manager for our company and also does the social media for our business clients. She also assists in all areas of photography.

Joshua Fast (not active)
A lifelong student of light and shadow started the journey with his grandmother's Kodak 110 and evolved to 35mm with his father's influence. Digital, albeit more popular, was sworn off until 2008 when a Canon 350D was purchased. All fears of losing the richness and character of film were put aside after shooting infrared and seeing right on the tripod how it exposed. Film cameras became something to collect. Joshua's artistic interest is infrared but also experiments with high dynamic range (HDR), black & white and a mix of techniques to consistently find a new angle. Joshua's work features high contrast and complexity, wrapped in a simple package that tells a story.

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