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Aerial (Drone)
August 15, 2018 08:44 PM Services
Are you in need of tracking a construction site from the beginning of a project to the end? Are you needing a building or roof inspection. Or would you like a photo from a different point of view or for a special moment in your life. The drone is the best answer. ......
April 3, 2015 01:54 PM Blog
I am a sucker for rangefinders, they are like lost puppies that I must give a good home to and feed rolls of film. I found my first Canonet in Edinburg, a perfectly functional Canonet 28, I knew nothing about it except for the beautiful 60's glass and metal; $30 later, it was mine. I'll tell it's full story another time but if it wasn't for this camera, I would have never found the QL17. Returning home that evening I sat down to research what I had purchased. I found quite a bit of info on the 2 ......
March 31, 2015 10:55 PM Blog
When it comes time for anything new I have 5 stages. Recognition >> Research >> Alternatives Research >> Decision >> ReviewThe time spent on each stage varies, but I have noticed that questions I've wanted to ask when looking at products had to be answered by just taking the leap and finding out what happens. This is the summary of our impressions, the facts and opinion.CAMERASArgus21 MarkfinderC3CanonCanonet QL17 GIIICanonet 28MinoltaSRT-102XG-7YashicaMat TLRMG-1 ......

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